Start Your Ascent

Welcome to ACTS Ascent, a unique 15 week program for ages 18 and up ready to take their walk with Christ and calling in this world to the next level. It is designed for those who view their lives first and foremost as ministry and want to sharpen their effectiveness through an even deeper walk with God that engages their whole person and life.

Ascent brings the academic rigor of Bible college, the spiritual devotion of a retreat, and the cultural engagement of a vocation into community around a dinner table. Our goal is to lead students to the intersection of faith, culture and calling. It begins with you, and the questions burning in your heart, and the humility to seek Christ exalting, biblically guided answers


The Burning Question

Students come to Ascent with a question burning in their hearts. This question is about their lives, their calling, and how those fit in the culture in which we live. What does my vocation mean to God? What is the value of my work in the world? How can I fulfill my calling to the glory of Jesus Christ? What is your burning question?


The 3 Strands

Ascent is built on a three strand rope captured in three words: Doctrine, Community and Practice. Students at ACTS Ascent will apply Doctrine through rigorous biblical study, Community through a disciplined and dynamic range of worship environments from solitude to discussion dinner gatherings, and Practice through a customized, vocational internship with a local ministry or business. Read More


The Research Thread

The Research Thread is your pursuit of your Burning Question and runs through the second half of Ascent.  This is a sustained learning focus on one cultural issue, career field, area of study, or community in which you feel God is calling you to minister. It culminates in a formal, public presentation at the end of the session at the Ascent Colloquium.


Designed for Focus

Ascent follows block scheduling that is both rigorous and restful. Teaching fits into three full weekdays while off-campus internships, Research Thread, and regular campus maintenance take up the other three days. We also participate in a Tuesday night college ministry, Pneuma. Read More



Time to Climb