Seek God

Essentials is designed for young adults, ages 18-25, who are at a crossroads yet eager to serve God with their lives. Essentials is for both men and women and is limited to no more than 16 students per session to insure both intimacy and a sense of community. The 4-month program is both full-time and residential, uniquely designed to fit into the semester schedule of most colleges and universities.



Devotion to Growth

ESSENTIALS sets the stage for personal growth in community. Essentials includes 13 weeks of solid biblical teaching, intimate small groups, intercessory prayer, mentorship, reading, personal solitude and Scripture memorization. Each student will read the entire bible during their stay and become equipped with the truth that changes lives.



Learn to live out what God has taught you in the classroom during a one-month international outreach. During outreach, you will likely serve by sharing the gospel, building relationships, encouraging the local church, helping with children's ministries and doing physical labor. Our outreaches are either anchored to a local church, or focused on planting churches where one does not already exist.


Committed to Service

ESSENTIALS is committed to the local church and our community.  Each week we leave our campus to “go and serve” alongside a local ministry.  This provides an opportunity to practice what we have been learning by expressing the love of Christ in tangible ways.  Essentials students also serve one another through meal preparation and maintenance tasks during the regular program week.


Vision for LIFE

The final phase of ESSENTIALS is the "Living Intentionally For Eternity" (L.I.F.E.) workshop that helps you discover and articulate your personal biblical calling and core values.  These provide a basis for developing a personal Vision Statement. Our staff team will instruct you how to live a life of submission to a well informed Biblical purpose and world view.  In addition we will give you the tools you will need to live out your values and vision in the world as a servant of Jesus Christ.  Our prayer is that L.I.F.E will help you to more fully embrace the life that God has created you for.



Do you desire to love Jesus more deeply?

The Apostle Paul took time in Antioch between missionary journeys to grow and seek God's direction within a community of believers. Essentials is a place where young adults can do the same before taking the next step on their journey. At Essentials our ultimate goal is to see each participant develop a deep and abiding love for Jesus Christ that will serve as the foundation for all of life. We believe that Essentials will help you more clearly define your passion and instill within you an eagerness to serve Jesus Christ with your whole heart, wherever He should lead.


A sample of a day in the life of Essentials.