Being A Christian In San Miguel


The team left the familiar USA Tuesday 8pm from PDX. After a few plane rides and a 4hr drive, they finally arrived to their destination, San Miguel, Mexico! The first day consisted of unpacking, settling in, and catching up on sleep. Thursday everyone woke up feeling rested and ready to go! After a tour around the city, we trekked up many steep hills to reach a cross that overlooks the whole city. It is quite ironic that there is such a beautiful cross overlooking the city, since the city is very spiritually dark. We spent time praying for the people, the church we are partnering with here, and for the team. The rest of the day was open for the students to go out and better acquaint themselves with the city and try to start conversations with

A big part of this outreach is evangelism. It’s not just a checklist or something to cause us to pat our backs. Our hope is to share the gospel, but regardless of what we are doing, we want to be best representing Christ in all we do. We believe God loves this city and the people in it so when we pray for divine appointments, we expect God to use us one way or another. The way we interact in public, how we talk to one other in the hostel, when we are at restaurants eating meals are all platforms for us to simply represent Christ. It’s easy to want to measure our success or see the fruit of our actions. A lot of what we are doing is done in faith and we may never see the results. Our goal is to be available to how God wants to use us, never forgetting
that we are his representatives.

Friday morning we had a team time of song, prayer and a devotion led by one of the students. We were all sent out with the exhortation to put off our pride, fear, or excuses and instead walk in the Spirit, ready to share the hope we have. The afternoon was open again to go out. God is so faithful. One of the girls was nervous about initiating a conversation with someone, and God so graciously led a man right to her and he asked what she was reading. She just so happened to be reading her Bible. Despite his broken English, they were able to communicate enough to plan to meet up today, with a member on our team that can speak Spanish. He agreed to come to church tomorrow morning! God is good! Please keep the team and city in your prayers as we continue to serve here. There will be opportunities to help with the church’s youth group, go into schools with Young Life, and many more opportunities to represent Christ and hopefully share the gospel!

John 13:34-35 “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

- Matt & Abby Jones

Matt and Abby Jones