Dear Friends and Family,
Our second week here was great. We are grateful for this opportunity to serve God here and to share about Him. San Miguel de Allende is a beautiful place, full of color and people.

It has been so sweet to be a part of Antioch Church, a church that GCM planted here almost ten years ago. This week some of our students participated in a men’s breakfast, and some of the girls went to a women’s bible study. On Monday evening the whole team went to the youth group, which is mostly Spanish speaking. It was beautiful to see the young people so engaged in the Bible study.

On Tuesday, we visited a private school run by a couple from Antioch. We sent small teams for the rest of the week to grade tests, play with the kids, and really whatever we were asked to do! Alec, one of our students, said, “Working with the children at the school was an amazing experience; challenging yet rewarding. The school builds its curriculum around God and you can really tell by the way the children act and by their love for the people around them.”

Wednesday night, we were invited to a worship night with the Martinez family, old friends of the GCM staff. We sang, prayed, and shared testimonies around a fire in their backyard. We brought a German woman who we met in our hostel. She was interested in learning more about Christianity (along with other religions she had experienced in her travels).

Thursday we celebrated Alec’s birthday the American way with pizza, cake, and ice cream. (Never mind that it was tres leches cake and that we destroyed a piñata afterwards.) We are in Mexico after all.

Every morning, a different student shares a devotion. It’s so encouraging to hear how God is working in each of their lives. Most of our days includes sharing our faith in Jesus in the city and praying as we go. We have met and shared the gospel with people from many countries, and God is faithfully using our imperfect efforts.

Please continue praying for us.
All glory be to Christ!