A Snapshot of Our Week


Good day friends and family,

My name is Alec Bell and I am one of the members of the ACTS team. Let me start off by saying that everyone in the group is safe and in high spirits. Some in the group have experienced minor stomach bugs but all in all, God has been gracious in giving us good health. Thank you all so much for your prayers and we all miss you so much.

This last week has been a busy one for the team and we had many activities that took us all over town. On Sunday, November 19th , Kevin gave his testimony and Noah gave a sermon on the Prodigal Son. They spoke at both services of Antioch Church and did a great job telling how God and the gospel of Jesus Christ have impacted their lives. Some of the group went to a Spanish service at the local library. We all had a great day of worship.

Monday was a free day to focus on Bible reading, scripture memory, Missionary biographies, and fellowship with God and one another. We played volleyball with the youth group and performed our drama for them. Macy gave her testimony and Dusty gave a devotional on Philippians 2: 1-11. On Tuesday we split into two groups. The first group when to the Christian school that the church is involved with and the other group went to a place dubbed “The Tuesday Market”. The first group was about 10 people and played capture the flag with the kids and I gave a devotional from 1 John and Romans on loving God over material possessions. Six people from that group left to share about Jesus with the rest of the team and Isaiah, Melinda, Kevin, and I stayed and helped at the school until 3 p.m.

On Wednesday Melinda, Kevin, Isaiah and I went back to the school all day, a bigger group to feed the homeless, and the rest went to a local village to pass out flyers for an event that we held on Saturday, November 25th . Melinda gave a devotional on Jesus telling the disciples to fish on the other side of the boat and when Peter swam to Jesus, he was never going back to his old life. On Thursday the entire group went to the local hot springs, which were incredible. One of the pools had a tunnel leading off of it into a cave, which felt like a sauna. We came back and went to Antioch Church and had a thanksgiving dinner. God is so gracious in providing amazing people into our group’s lives. All throughout the week our group had meaningful discussions with locals and visitors to San Miguel.


On Friday we went out to the school as the whole team played games with the kids. We then listened to a devotional from the Principal and had a second thanksgiving meal. We did our drama for the kids and they seemed to enjoy it. The kids were so excited to have us there. Noah gave a devotional on Peter walking on the water, and tried to walk on water himself. Noah was unsuccessful and went right into the pool. The looks on the kid’s faces, and the team’s faces, were priceless. We swam in their pool and enjoyed fellowship with the kids. Thank you again for your prayers and we all love you guys so much!

The Acts Team

jeffrey sutton