Faithful to Finish Well


Another beautiful week in San Miguel De Allende Mexico. This week has been absolutely full of amazing, God orchestrated events and experiences. The team is going strong but not without its pit falls. Monday was intended to be a workday, however, God had other plans in mind! Once again our team was sent out on Monday to tell the wonderful people here in San Miguel about the best news in the world: the gospel of Jesus Christ! As you might know, half of our team has been spending time at a local Christian school where we tutor kids and host a P.E. class. Each week a number of our team members have the amazing opportunity to give a devotional to the kids. God has been working in these kids so much and our team truly adores them. We ended Monday night with the local youth group from Antioch Church. Youth group took place at the Deportiva. Youth group is always amazing, we played volleyball and tons of other fun games and our team member Luke Jochen shared a devotion and Lilly Yost shared her testimony. Tuesday, half the team went to the school and the other half went to the market to pass out some information that explains how Jesus came to save us.  We also gave away some Antioch Church cards, and engaged others in conversation. We handed out about three hundred 300 cards with clear explanations of the Gospel and had a blast doing it.  Wednesday, another day the Lord has made. Every Wednesday a few of the team members go to “So Others May Eat” which is a local outreach to feed the homeless. One of our team members Claudia Topala shared her experience with me: “Before the meal they began in song singing “Glory to God”.  It was a pleasure to serve these beautiful impoverished Mexican people. There were about 200 homeless people there. It was a delight to go to their tables and interact with them.”  Some other members went to the school to minister and spend time with the kids.

We are constantly blessed by the Lord with opportunities to bring Him glory. One incredible opportunity was Friday evening. The ACTS team, the kids from the school and the local youth group all gathered at the local mall. Starting with a puppet show, the youth group performed a humorous show that drew a crowd in for further performances. The kids performed in front of the local community their bell instrument concert.  And following that was a beautiful drama that displayed how we can have a relationship with God performed by the youth group. After that the ACTS team gathered to ready themselves to perform a drama that displays the gospel. As the crowd focused their attention to these performances we noticed a young women begin to cry during the first drama performed by the youth group, she then left, and by Gods grace came back for the second drama that displayed the gospel. God sure was doing a miracle in this young girl's heart. One of the youth group members pursued her, had a long conversation with her, and invited her to church this Sunday. Pray that she shows up!

 Although we would love to stay longer, our time here has come to an end. We will depart on Tuesday, however, we know that these last couple days will be packed with amazing opportunities to glorify the God of the universe.

Chris Sutton