ASCENT APPLICATION for Essentials Alumni

Getting Started

Thank you for applying to Ascent. In order to process your application we must receive each of the following items. The checklist below is provided for your convenience. Please make sure all sections are filled out completely and that all requested items are sent with your application. Thank you and God bless you!

Application Checklist 

To apply to Ascent, please submit the following by January 5, 2018:

  • Section A. (Personal Information)

  • Section B. (Background & Calling)

  • Section C. (Financial information and Program and Outreach Agreements)

  • A work resume

  • A writing sample of approx. 500 to 700 words (1.5 to 2 double-spaced typewritten pages, 12 pt. font). This may be a selection from an academic paper, an article, a web post, etc.

Fee Schedule

  • If accepted, a non-refundable matriculation fee of $250 (applied toward your total tuition) is due two weeks after your acceptance.

  • A late fee of $25 applies for applicants applying after the application deadline.

  • The balance of your tuition for Ascent is due the first day of the program.

  • A $100 “early bird” discount is rewarded to all students who pay their tuition in full by January 19, 2018.


Acts Ascent

GCM P.O. Box 942

Naches, WA 98937 USA



Contact us: Phone: (509) 673-2290 PST

Fax: (509) 673-2291


Name *
Address *
Phone *
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
Passport Expiration
Passport Expiration
If it has changed during Essentials.
Church Address *
Church Address
Church Phone Number *
Church Phone Number
Are you a member? *
Has your health information changed since applying to ACTS Essentials? *
Emergency Contact *
Emergency Contact
Address *
Phone Number *
Phone Number
Longer Answers (A paragraph or so)
Prayerfully and concisely answer the following questions. We are looking for honesty and transparency. Please don’t tell us what you think we want to hear!
Shorter Answers (2 to 3 sentences)
Do you have the total tuition? *
I certify that all information in this application is complete and accurate. If accepted by GCM, I will abide by the spirit, rules, and schedule of the program. I understand that any and all Confidential Evaluations in my file are GCM property, and I relinquish the right to view them or obtain information from them in any way. In accordance with biblical principles, I agree to resolve any and all disputes with GCM, its directors or staff by means of reconciliation or mediation, and waive any right to pursue action by way of litigation. I confirm that I understand that payment of required tuition fees must be made upon or before arrival unless prior arrangements have been made. I also confirm that I am fully aware of my financial obligation, both to the Lord and to the students and staff at GCM. I therefore commit myself to paying all personal expenses incurred during my involvement with GCM.
I agree that my typed name represents my legal signature. *
Date *
Non-US Citizens
All payments of registration and tuition fees should be made in U.S. dollars rather than in the currency of your own country. You may go to your bank and request a U.S. dollars money order or cashier's check. The check must have magnetic numbers at the bottom of it, otherwise the bank will not accept it and it will require special handling that will take about six weeks to process, often times with a service charge. Students submitting checks that require special handling are responsible for all service charges. You will need to apply for a U.S. visa for your stay here. Once your application has been approved we recommend you apply for a temporary, business (B1) visa which is normally granted for 1 year, renewable every six months.
Outreach Agreement
Because my purpose in joining Great Commandments Ministries is to grow in Christ and share His love with others, I agree to submit to its leadership and policies and to conduct myself in a way that brings honor to the Lord. I understand that outreach destinations and dates are subject to change and that GCM reserves the right to change or cancel outreaches for any reason, including natural disaster, political crisis, and/or ministry-related difficulties. Should an outreach be cancelled, GCM will look for an alternative ministry outlet. GCM is not liable in case of illness, accident, death or unexpected travel expenses. In case of accidental death, Great Commandments Ministries cannot cover the cost of burial in the country of service, nor the cost of shipping the body to another country for burial. Family members must incur all burial related expenses. I acknowledge that some nations, by law, require immediate entombment or cremation. GCM is registered with the United States Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization and thereby determines that any payments made toward tuition fees are NOT tax-deductible. However, donations made toward outreach fees are tax-deductible (and non-refundable). To receive a tax receipt, checks must be made payable to GCM and not to a specific participant. I understand that IRS regulations prohibit GCM from refunding contributions received for outreaches. If I cannot go on my planned outreach, GCM will subtract the cost of any previously purchased airline tickets and administrative fees and apply the balance to another GCM outreach for up to one year. Donations are not transferable. Funds received in excess of the amount needed for my outreach will be used for the ministry of GCM. I understand that if I fail to abide by this agreement I will be asked to leave at my own expense. My signature below certifies my approval of this agreement and intention to comply with its contents.
I agree that my typed name represents my legal signature. *
Date *
SECTION D: Confidential Health Form
Please check all that apply to you and explain in the space below.
Eating Disorders
Females Only
Are you now under doctor’s care for any condition?
Are you taking any medication at this time?
Do you have any physical handicaps or health conditions which require special attention?
Do you have a history of receiving counseling or psychiatric treatment?
General Health *


Please download and print this form and have your physician fill out the top half. Applicants sign the bottom half.


Please either (Chose one): 
1) Send your Reference a link to this page to fill out the appropriate Confidential Reference Form online.
2) Download the appropriate form and either email it to or print it and send it by mail.


PO BOX 942


Please submit a $25.00 application processing fee.

Submit payment